Remember to read the server rules before registering and give your character a proper name. The name of the character should be in the atmosphere of the Viking world. Sample names can be found here. The first and last name must not offend anyone or be vulgar. In addition, the DISCORD name should be the same as in the game.

Welcome to the european server of “Jorvik – Viking Wars”!

Why join our community? It’s easy! We are the only server that has extensive gameplay options, i.e. conquering provinces, epoch system, professions, cataclysms, quests, a unique map. Many interesting events, tournaments are waiting for you in the game, so don’t wait and choose a profession, register and join the Jorvik – Viking War community.

If you have not yet familiarized yourself with the available professions, be sure to do it now. Choosing one of the five professions is an important element, as it can help you in the initial game and later in the game.

The purpose of our server is to provide entertainment to all fans of Life is Feudal. The goal of the game is to perform one of the three available scenarios. When this goal is accomplished, WIPE follows, which is clearing the server and moving to the next edition on a completely new map.

The server has an epoch system, i.e. iron, silver and gold. It is a system to unlock certain skills in a particular era. That is why it is important that you read carefully what a given epoch offers in order not to be surprised.

Remember to read the rules before starting the game. The administration watches over its observance and its ignorance can lead to unpleasant consequences.

If you have any questions, please write to us at DISCORD. Administration is here to help.