“Jorvik – Viking Wars” server rules

Multiplier of skills development and statistics: 10
Skill limit (craft / combat / additional skills): 1080/660/800
Landscaping Speed Multiplier: 5
Production cycle (in seconds): 30
Animal husbandry / feeding cycle: 170
Length of a day: 5
Number of wild animals: 100
The speed of aging of trees: 2 day in a cycle
Maximum age of trees: 958 days
Destruction of buildings outside the claim: disabled (enabled during “cataclysms”)
“Return home” skill: disabled
Court Hours: Sunday 21:00 – 21:30
LiveMap: option to preview claims location disabled

Ceridian (PL / EN)
Ragnar Lodbrok (PL / EN)
Dobromir Stribog (EN / PL)
Vitruvius Waldenburg (PL)
Allan Mclachlan (EN)

Server Rules – it means the Regulations of the Jorvik server – Viking Wars;
Server – it means Jorvik server – Viking Wars;
Settlement – a claim that has a level 1 monument, i.e. T1;
Klan – a settlement that expanded the monument above T1;
Castle – generalization of the settlement and clan;
Guild – a player or group of players;
Jarl – clan leader;
Judgment Hours (JH) – the period set by the administration to attack and plunder other people’s clans.

1.1 The server has a legal system that consists of three pillars
a) Administration: It has an overarching role.
b) Council of Jarls: Supplements the administrative department.
c) Guild Leader: A person representing the guild who is at the top of power in the local hierarchy.

2.1 Server administration is responsible for the proper functioning of the server and discord. However, it is not responsible for technical errors related to the game.
2.2 The administration has the right to impose penalties on players for not complying with the regulations.
2.3 The administration will not interfere in internal affairs between clans, unless it concerns breaking the rules. All disputes are resolved at Jarlów Council.
2.4. The administration may not commit collective punishment if there are players in the guild who have not committed the acts of which they were accused.
2.5 The administration may not make decrees at the Jarl Council meeting for punishment of the guild, but it has a superior role and in a situation where the result of the Jarl Council votes is equal, then it can cast its vote to decide on the verdict.
2.6 When a player makes a complaint about another player or clan, the administration reserves the right to reject the complaint if it considers that the evidence provided does not clearly indicate guilt.
2.7 The administration may not modify the player’s goods, as well as the area protected by his monument, if the good or their composition does not violate the provisions of the regulations.
2.8 Has the right to recruit junior admins in any number, as well as depriving them of this function without giving reasons to the public.
2.9 Has the right to create items for the purpose of events, provided these events are not predisposed to specific groups of people.
2.10 has the right to manage the geology and meteorology of the server without informing the public.
2.11. The administration may actively participate in the game by playing role-playing characters, but it may not belong to any of the towns. In addition, the admin can have only one T1 monument. The exception to the monument’s size is the Old Wandals Village and the city of Jorvik

3.1 Council of Jarls are organized meetings in which representatives of clans meet and discuss matters related to the game / server. They also resolve disputes within the clan and have the option of filing decrees.
3.2 Each Jarl has a role assigned to DISCORD and has access to the channel # council-of-jarls, where he can submit decrees.
3.3 Electoral power of the stronghold:

3.4 Electoral power of the administrative department:

3.5 Voting on a decree begins 24 hours after submission and continues for another 24 hours. Voting is open.
3.6 Electoral power is determined on the basis of point 2.3 at the time of submitting this proposal. Which means that the number of stronghold members is taken into account at the time the decree is submitted.
3.7 The laws adopted by the Jarłów Council become effective 48 hours after the end of voting.
3.8 The Council cannot punish the clan with a greater skill drop than 10% per application.
3.9 Each stronghold has specific population limits:
Monument 1 lvl – 5 members
Monument 2 lvl – 10 members
Monument 3 lvl – 12 members
Monument 4 lvl – 15 members

4.1 Each player is required to read the rules and comply with them. Ignorance of the regulations does not release from its compliance. Participation in the game means acceptance of all the conditions contained in the regulations.
4.2 Each player has the opportunity to complain about another player or clan in the appropriate discord channel. When submitting complaints, please describe the situation, attach proof in the form of screenshots, video. Indicate which section of the regulations has been broken.
4.3 It is the responsibility of every member of the server community not to act to the detriment of the community and to care for the good name of the server.
4.4 Each player has the opportunity to present his or her idea about the server or the game. Such ideas should be submitted to DISCORD on the channel # ideas.
4.5 Each player can contact the administration via DISCORD on the # case-to-admin channel. If any matter requires discretion then send a private message to a member of the administration.
4.6 Avoiding the generation of negative reputation is associated with the obligation to declare war in advance (declarations described in point) and to set the war mode in your guild on Livemap.

5.1 Use of offensive or vulgar guild names. Violation of this provision results in immediate blocking of the character.
5.2 Impersonation of other players and members of the administration.
5.3 Changes in terrain within outposts (not applicable to roads) and their destruction (not applicable to defensive walls and other fortifications).
5.4 Building your own outposts.
5.5 Takeover of outposts (not capitals) by guilds and settlements (takeover of outposts possible only for monuments above T1).
5.6 Takeover of capitals by clans with the monument level below T3 (takeover of capitals is only possible for clans with T3 and T4).
5.7 Moving / picking up items of daily use from places of public use ie Old Wandals Village and looting them.
5.8 Wearing combat and training weapons in neutral areas (not applicable to the training field) and tools not currently used for operating public utilities.
5.9 Share of settlements in Court Hour (only clans above T1 can participate in JH)
5.10 Settlements of military alliances by settlements (military alliances may contain only clans above T1)
5.11 A joint attack of several clans is possible only after a published military alliance. This provision does not apply to castles in the event of a counterattack, which must take place within 30 minutes of the assault.
5.12 Attacking other players immediately after logging in. The exception is the player logs in at the place of the battle.
5.13 Attacking other players in the neutral Old Wandals Village.
5.14 Attacks in RP areas without interacting with the player being attacked. RP interaction should be well thought out and expanded.
5.15 using phrases outside of the RP climate of a given zone in intercom communication, sending oversized ideograms and signs unrelated to the current nature of communication, profanity and offensive epithets, racism, sexism, hetero and homophobia, content that directly or indirectly promotes political, religious or leftist ideologies.
5.16 Pasting links, excluding links to the regulations and Livemap server.
5.17 Creating walls from trees, logs.
5.18 Abuse of game mechanics (levitating objects, human ladder) and griefing consisting in harming the environment of other players.
5.19 Use of objects for climbing walls / palisades outside stairs, ladders, platforms. All of the above items must be set according to the laws of physics (they cannot levitate).
5.20 Exploitation of errors in the game.
5.21 Destruction of public buildings and utilities, i.e. located in the area of Old Wandals Village and the city of Jorvik, outoposts (does not apply to defensive walls), province borders (posts with shields), public roads, bridges and the Jorvik Market.
5.22. Building monuments on visible resources, i.e. clay, silver and other visible resources. The consequence will be the removal of the claim.
5.23 Stalking players i.e. the campaign and killing the same player after killing him within the last hour. This provision does not apply to counterattacks and PVP zones.
5.24 Attacking clans within their claims  (not applicable to events zone and duration, clans at war, captured provinces, and PVP zones)
5.25 Constantly getting in and out of water and standing in it during a fight.
5.26 Using rods in combat.
5.27 Leaving the roots in the place of felled trees (you should always dig up the root immediately after cutting the tree)

6.1 The goal of the game is to complete one of the available ending scenarios. These are:
a) military domination – this means conquering six capitals, i.e. Dublin, Lindisfarne, Caster, Oslo, Hedeby, Paris and maintaining control over them all for 14 calendar days in real time. If control is maintained then it is possible to attack the city of Jorvik, which capture ends the game. The desire to attack the city of Jorvik should be communicated on a Discord server in a specific channel of the capital. The player is not obliged to inform players and the administration about their intention to take over capitals. Only if you want to attack the city of Jorvik it is necessary to notify the administration, which will ask mercenaries (other players) for help in defending the city.
b) domination of wealth – it means the situation when one of the castles accumulates 1,000,000,000 (billion) copper coins or 10,000,000 (ten million) silver or 100,000 (one hundred thousand) gold coins. The implementation of this scenario should be reported to the administration;
c) religious domination – it shall mean a situation where the stronghold has a sum of points of piety at 1000 and reputation at 1000. The condition is the status of the so-called Pope in one of the members of the stronghold, who has 100 piety points and 1000 reputation points. All Jarls must show their belonging to one and the same religion (profess the same god). The implementation of this scenario should be reported to the administration.
6.2 After completing one of the scenarios, the transition to the next edition follows.
6.3 In a situation where one of the castles implements one of the three available ending scenarios, it receives the title of winner and a prize in the form of 300 skill points for use in the upcoming edition, 5 large decorative sets and 10 gold coins.
6.4 After the game is over, the server is wiped (WIPE) and the game starts again. It is also possible to upload a new map.

7.1 Each player can have only one character.
7.2 The name of the character should be in a climate of the Viking world.
7.3 Before starting the game, each player should register a character at jorvik.pl
7.4 Character registration on the jorvik.pl website will be given priority.
7.5 In a situation when a player uses an unregistered character name in the game, his name may be changed by the administration.
7.6 The character name on jorvik.pl, the game server and Discord should be the same.
7.7. Members of the administration may have more than one character. They can only be used to create events, test servers and create story characters.
7.8 Death of a character during the game does not delete it along with achievements.

8.1 Each player during registration on jorvik.pl has the option of assigning one of five professions:
a) architect;
b) blacksmith;
c) knight (the number of professions of a knight is limited in relation to the size of the monument – T1 = 1 knight, T2 = 2, T3 = 3, T4 = 4 knights);
d) the seer;
e) the miner;
8.2 Each profession receives starting skills and a starter package in accordance with the guidelines on the jorvik.pl website in the professions tab and at the further stage of registering the character on the website.
8.3 Each profession receives a starter package after playing the minimum game time on the server:
Architect – 1h
Blacksmith – 5h
Knight – 10h
The Seer – 5h
Miner – 5h
The administration will personally communicate with players who reach the limit to award the package.
8.4. Starting skills are assigned by the administration from the “machine” and no game time limit is required. It is important to enter the server after choosing the profession so that the profile is saved in the database. The player will be notified by email.
8.5 It is not possible to change the profession. The choice of profession is a one-off for each server edition.

9.1 The server map is available at jorvik.pl

10.1 There are 7 provinces (game zones) on the map, each with its own capital. Their division is as follows:

10.2 Rules of the game in specific provinces (zones):
a) RP – this zone is a roleplay game, which means that you have to play the character in which you play 100%. On the Discord server on the RP-Karczma channel, only the RP language should be used.
b) PVE – it is a neutral zone not participating in JH. Only T1 monuments are possible.
c) PVP – the so-called FULL PVP. No RP behavior required. It is possible to attack without warning on other players and attack on claims at any time.
10.3 Each province has its own border, which is marked with border posts with a shield.

11.1 There are 15 outposts on the server, including 6 for capitals.
11.2 Takeover of outposts can only be made during JH (court hours)
11.3 Outposts (not capitals) can only be taken over by clans above the T1 monument

12.1 Capitals are taken over only during Court Hours.
12.2 Only clans with monument levels T3 and T4 can take over capitals.
12.3 The clan that seizes the capital is obliged to pay the tax to the city of Jorvik, which is 10 coins for each day of real time in the currency of the current era. If the tribute is not paid to King Jorvik (Ivar Ragnarsson), he may put Jarl in prison or, in the event of his low turnout on the server, the next clan member in the hierarchy or seniority in the clan. Coins should be delivered to the city of Jorvik on days when the King receives audiences. The king will announce this in the global chat game.
12.4. Taking over the capital of Jorvik is only possible if the clan has control over all other capitals for at least 14 days in real time and is not in arrears with taxes referred to in item 12.3. The desire to take over the capital of Jorvik must be communicated to the administration.

13.1 Old Wandals Village is a neutral village. The area of the village is marked by poles. For all players who own a monument and belong to the guild, among others stoves, tables, kitchens, large cauldron, raw materials (e.g. metal ores, sand, earth), items in boxes, cabinets. A three-storey wooden house (Hostel) allows you to assign to it in the event of death.
13.2 It is possible to build and settle right next to the claim border around the Old Wandals Village.
13.3 Jorvik is a city with a fighting arena and prison.
13.4 Market Jorvik in which there is a Trade Factories for buying and selling goods, including coins, depending on the era.

14.1. The quest system is not available in this edition of server, but we are working on this element to implement it in subsequent editions.

15.1 There are three ages on the server, each with different elements that give the character the opportunity to develop and affect raw materials, tools, items purchased and sold at Market Jorvik. Detailed information on the content of the epochs can be found at jorvik.pl on the “Ages” subpage.
15.2 Each of the epochs follows each other according to a fixed schedule – the age of iron, silver and gold.
15.3 Each of the epochs lasts 30 real calendar days, after which the epoch changes. It is possible to shorten the age of an era by selling certain raw materials at Market Jorvik for that era. The amount and name of the required raw material to change the era are described on the jorvik.pl website in the “Ages” subpage.

16.1 On the server, the so-called disasters that may affect the entire map area or randomly selected areas.
16.2 Cataclysms include:
a) temporary weather collapse, e.g. rain for 7 days;
b) buildings outside the claim area are destroyed;
c) disease, e.g. animals in a random area die;
d) a gale, e.g. trees in a random area are cut down;
e) other random events.
16.3 Buildings, animals and vegetation in claim areas are safe and disasters bypass them.
16.4 The arrival of a cataclysm may or may not be communicated.

17.1 Three declarations are available on the server, i.e. a declaration of war, an alliance declaration, a holiday declaration.
17.2 Only clans can submit war declarations.
17.3 The declaration should be submitted on the appropriate channel of the Discord server. The alliance declaration is active if the Jarls of the parties agree.
17.4 The declaration of war does not require the acceptance of the party towards which the declaration is made. Give the reason for starting the war with another clan. The declaration is active after the approval of the administration, which reads the case and approves or rejects the declaration. The war declaration must also be set in the game from the clan management level. After acceptance of the declaration of war by the administration, both clans can attack each other outside of JH and without warning, this also applies to RP zones, but in these zones contact between players must be in the climate of RP.
17.5 The holiday declaration must be accepted by the administration.

18.1 Each single-person stronghold has the option of taking leave, i.e. suspension of the game for a specified period. You can take leave only twice for editing by submitting an application to the administration. After acceptance, the administration announces the leave of the given city and applies the so-called admin land Vacation and claim protection fees must be paid to King Jorvik (Ivar Ragnarsson). It amounts to 50 copper coins per day (real time).

19.1 Events are all kinds of events, tournaments that take place in PVE zones but also in designated locations on the map.
19.2 Events are divided into two categories:
a) requiring registration;
b) not requiring registration.
19.3 New events will be announced on the #events channel on the Discord server.
19.4 Clear rules and guidelines are set up for each event to be followed.
19.5 Events organized by players will be awarded with decorative sets etc., while the administration may fund main prizes for players.

21.1 Server Jorvik – Viking Wars is a place created for the European, including the Polish community. The official languages on the server are English and Polish.

The administration cannot change the regulations without voting in which players take part.

Welcome to the European server of “Jorvik – Viking Wars”!

Thank you for your interest in joining our community! Our goal is to provide a pleasant, engaging and honest environment for everyone who wants to join the excitement of traveling around the world of Vikings on the Jorvik server – the Viking War.

However, we had to lay down a few rules to maintain a friendly, cultural atmosphere and a level playing field for each of our members. We understand how enthusiastic you want to start playing, but it’s important to understand our rules before you get your sword into an opponent. Below you will probably find the answer to all your bothering questions is just a 5-minute reading. And if you have any questions after him, don’t be afraid to ask them.

By joining the Jorvik-Viking Server Community (game server or Discord), you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by its rules. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action. Penalties related to each violation of the provisions are given later in the regulations.

Join our community. Register and start playing!